Father Coram


Father Coram's Fellow Adventurers

Adventurer Sex, Background Nationality Order Notes Player
Acero Smith Male ? ?     Joe Urbano
Alastair Morgan  Male Soldier  Scottish      Gary Driskell 
Brother James Male Monastic Clergy ? Fellowship of the Ashen Cross   Henry Shaufl
Dark Cloud Male Brave American     David Samuels  
Guenther Precht  Male Hunter  German      Michael Herbert 
Iskander Rukh  Male ?      Patrick van der Reest 
Katerina  Female ?  Russian?     Arcane caster?  Scott Crater 
Lentl  Male Scholar  Russian    Hasdaic Jew  D.L. Oliver 
Lewist Dormont  Male ?  French      Vic Polites 
Louis Clement  Male ?      Linda Baldwin 
Niklos Macioci  Male Monastic Clergy     Beth Oliver 
Red Wolf  Male Faith Healer  American      Mike Mistele 
Running Bear Male Brave American      Curtis Steinhour
Sneaky Pete Male Rogue? American?     Michael Sitts
Sven Olafsen Male Navigator Icelandic     Keith Knecht 
William Hardy?  Male ?      Grant Bolling 

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