Found Items Equipped Slots Story Awards
Slot Item Module Slots Item Award Module
1 +1 Holy Symbol of Hope DRAG1-1 Body Chainmail AGLA01 AGLA1-1
2 Cloak of Resistance +2 WATE1-1 Main Hand Spear AGLA02 AGLA1-1
3     Off Hand +1 Holy Symbol of Hope AGLA08 AGLA1-5
4     Head   AGLA09 AGLA1-5
5     Neck Cloak of Resistance +2 AGLA10 AGLA1-5
6     Arms   CORE04 CORE1-2
7     Hands   CORE05 CORE1-2
8     Ring   DRAG01 DRAG1-1
9     Ring   WATE01 WATE1-1
10     Waist   WATE02 WATE1-1
11     Feet      
Symbol +1 Holy Symbol of Hope