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Fionnuala's Description and Background

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Fionnuala's Portrait Holy Symbol of Selune


Fionnuala "Fiona" Dunlaoghaire stands about 5'5" and is slender, with the dark skin and hair and hazel eyes of the Moonshae Ffolk. She dresses in blue and silver, wearing chainmail and carrying a spear. Around her neck is suspended a holy symbol of Selune.



Fionnuala Dunloaghaire (aka Fiona) was named after her grandmother, Fiona Dunloaghaire, daughter of Padraig and Katerina Dunloaghaire. She's technically part-elven, though her grandmother and mother both wed humans, so the elven blood in attenuated. Still, the Dunloaghaire family seems to be graced with the long lives of the elves.

Fionnuala's grandmother was the quiet one of the family, the peacemaker and nurturer, with a silver tongue and healing hands. Unlike her older twin sisters Alanna and Gwynneth, she tended to work quietly and behind the scenes. Fiercely protective of her younger brother Gawain, as the two grew they were inseparable, and had many adventures together. When Gawain earned a position in the guard of the King and Queen of the Moonshaes, Fiona went with him and found true love with the captain of the Guard.

Their daughter Darcy, named after her aunt but without her aunt's wanderlust, married one of the druids of the nearby Grove, and eventually the children came. Fionuala, like her grandmother, was the 6th child of 7, and inherited her grandmother's calm as well as a double dose of her great-grandfather's wandering feet. At the tender age of 15 she left home to travel the world.

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