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You Yong.


You Yong

Background and Personality

You Yong is


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Male Human Ranger/Fighter 1/2
5'2", 125#, black hair, brown eyes, 18 years old (DoB xx/xx/1000- Starting age 18)
Alignment: LG
Homeland: Haina, Kou
Languages: Hainese, Low Coryani
Deity: Hurrian
Strength 16 +3    
Dexterity 14 +2    
Constitution 14 +2    
Intelligence 10 +0    
Wisdom  14 +2    
Charisma 10 +0    

Initiative: +4 (+2 Dex, Wary)
Armor Class:

17 (+2 Dex, +5 (+1 Sicarite Studded Leather)) / FF 15 / Touch 12

Speed: 30 ft.
hp: 34

BAB +3

Attack Bonus Weapon Damage Critical Range Notes
+8 MW Greatsword 2d6+4 19-20/x2 -- 1.5x Str mod to dmg (used 2-handed), Weapon Focus
+6 +1 Mighty Composite Longbow (Str +3) 1d8+4 x3 110'  
Special Qualities:

Wild Empathy
Favored Enemy (Infernals)

Racial abilities:
National skill (Haina - Kou) - Knowledge (Warfare and Tactics) and Survival
Base speed 30'


Fort +7, Ref +4, Will +2


Size: Medium

Armor Proficiency (all), Point-blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shield Proficiency (all), Track, Versatile (Spot, Sense Motive), Wary, Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Weapon Proficiency (simple, martial)

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Climb +3 1 +3 - Str  
Diplomacy +2 0 +0 - Cha +2 synergy (Sence Motive)
Knowledge: Dungeoneering +1 1 +0 - Int  
Knowledge: Geography +1 1 +0 - Int  
Knowledge: Nature +3 1 +0 - Int +2 synergy (Survival)
Knowledge: Warfare and Tactics +4 4 +0 - Int  
Listen  +6 4 +2 - Wis    
Search +4 4 +0 - Int  
Sense Motive +8 6 +2 - Wis  
Spot  +10 6 +2 - Wis   +2 unnamed () 
Survival +8 6 +2 - Wis   +2 synergy (K: Nature)
Wild Empathy +1 -- +0 - Cha +ranger level (1)



Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Altharin (aka Ancient Imperial; Tongue of Man) Altherians, scholars Ancient Mannish
Cancerese common people of Canceri Coryani
Coryani, Low (aka Common) common people of eastern and southern Onara Coryani
Coryani, High Val and other educated people of eastern and southern Onara Coryani
Druidic Druids (only) Local
Dwarven Dwarves, Giants Giantish
Eloran Elorii Ssethric
Golic Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears Golic
Gnollish Gnolls None
Harnen Harns Kio
Infernal Infernals (i.e. Demons, Devils, and evil outsiders) Infernal
Khitani, Low common people of the Khitani Empire Khitani
Khitani, High educated people of the Khitani Empire Khitani
Kio Kio Kio
Milandesian common people of Milandir Coryani
Myrantian nobles of Toranesta Myrantian
Orc Orcs None
Ssethric Ssethregorans Ssethric
Ss'ressen Ss'ressen Ssethric and Coryani
Unden Undir Kio
Yhing Hir Yhing Hir Khitani and Coryani
Ymandrake Ymandrakes Ymandrake



  • None
Honors and Organizations Favors, Recognition, and Reputation
  • None
  • Admiration of the Church of Illiir [The Enemy Within]
  • Commendation of Wan-Hu Chow Yang [Enemy at the Gate]
  • Favor of a Black Silk Wearer [Home Sweet Haina]
  • Favor of an Influential Friend [The Enemy Within]
  • Favor of Wang Jei-Lon [Enemy at the Gate]
  • Gratitude of the General [The Enemy Within]
  • The Honor of Doo Zia Co [Home Sweet Haina]
  • Recognition of Mou-Ko Do-zhen [Home Sweet Haina]
  • Thanks of the Capital Guard of Zhuan [Enemy at the Gate]
  • Thanks of Doo Lei So [Home Sweet Haina] - MW Greatsword
Magic Items Magic Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Awakened Jade Statue (Jade Statue: Wolf) [Enemy at the Gate, Home Sweet Haina]
  • MW Greatsword
  • +1 Composite Longbow (Str +3) [Supply Run, Marketplace]
  • Potions and Oils
    • Oil of Bless Weapon x2 [Supply Run]
  • +1 Sicarite Studded Leather
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds (25 charges) [Supply Run]
  • None
Mundane Items Unusual Mundane Items
  • Arrows, 20
  • Traveler's outfit
  • None


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