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Blade is tall (about 5'9") and athletically slender with dark hair and dark eyes. She typically wears loose black pants tucked into knee-high black boots, and a loose, long-sleeved and high-collared tunic belted over the pants, with a voluminous hooded black cloak overall. A belt pouch at her waist holds several shuriken. 

If a mission calls for stealth, a loose, black, one-piece coverall with a hood covers her tunic, pants, and boots, and she stores her cloak in a small pack.

When she first left the monastery, a second belt pouch held identification and credits and a kama was sheathed at her waist - her only possessions. Since then, she has acquired a few other tools, most notably a collection of pistols and rifles. She still keeps them concealed under her cloak.

Anyone seeing Blade at work might be reminded of a panther - a sleek hunter, focused and intent on her goal. 

Background and Personality

Blade grew up in a monastery on a barren asteroid, having been taken there as a very young child. She has memories of wide-open spaces, sunshine, warm arms around her, and riding high and secure on someone's shoulders. Then, nothing but blood and darkness.

Her training with the monks honed her natural agility and judgement, though there's a place deep inside which hasn't quite forgotten or forgiven the blood and darkness. Unable to overcome that tie caused her teachers named her "the flawed Blade" and send her forth. They claimed they could not help her until she could make peace with herself. 

When the verdict was given her, Blade bowed wordlessly and left. She traveled to the nearest large city (xxxx) and began her search for those who had taken her family and her life. Without even her own name, the search was nearly impossible, but she was determined. She learned the ways of the streets, teaching a few lessons along the way so that others would leave her alone. Her signature weapon is a shuriken, and though she does it rarely, she will leave one in the throat of a being she kills if she wishes to send a message. 

Blade speaks little, and usually to the point. She is polite, and can even be pleasant, but prefers not to engage in long conversations. When she can, she stays wrapped in a cocoon of silence and black cloak.

The isolation of the cloak and silence have lifted a little, as Blade has taken on missions for the RBL and begun to learn to use some of her other strengths. She seems to have a talent for leadership, at least among friends, and has acquired some of those as well.

Her most recent project is the restoration of the Port Anka Dojo - a martial arts training facility in the Adventurer's District. Ever since she passed through there when clearing Port Anka for its eventual occupants, the idea of restoring the dojo and creating a place where people could socialize as well as learn to keep themselves fit had been germinating. She sought the permission of the Port Anka powers-that-be to gather a group of volunteers to do just that, and received it.  


Blade when not working.
(Representation, not exact image.)

The Hidden Blade

If anyone were to see Blade in the privacy of her rooms, they might be surprised to realize that the silent, self-contained woman has a softer side.


NOTE: The following information is purely OOC information - Blade herself does not know much of it, and certainly will not discuss it with any other PC.

Mikhaila Alexis Radilov was born to Mikhail and Natalya Radilov, colonists on Tarsil II, a human agricultural and forestry colony. Mikhail and Natalya were second-generation colonists whose parents had fled over-urbanized worlds to come to Tarsil II and farm. The colonists did not disdain technology or technological methods of working, but did wish to keep the dependance on technology to a reasonable level. 

Mikhail and Natalya met, married, and started their own farm not far from their parents'. Several years later, their daughter Mikhaila Alexis was born, named after her father and maternal grandmother. Mikhaila was known variously as "Micky", "Misha", or "Lexi" by various family members, and was the delight of her parents. Not long after Mikhaila turned four, Natalya told her she was going to have a new brother or sister, and Mikhaila was delighted. 

Unfortunately, not long after that, ugly rumors spread through the colony - rumors of nearby systems being invaded by some unstoppable dark force. The colonists attempted to prepare, but had no real chance against the might of the invaders, and they were systematically hunted down and enslaved or killed.

Some families were able to hide themselves or their children, and eventually those colonists were found and evacuated. Among those saved was Mikhaila - and testing at the Imperial station to which she was taken caused her to be given to the  monks of the Singing Cascades Monastery to raise. 

The monks were detached, but not unkind, and Mikhaila - renamed Blade - learned well. At the age of 21, she left the monastery. She spent the next two years traveling in the Empire, looking for any information about her past. Having no real skill in such research, her attempts were unsuccessful.

Eventually, circumstances took her to Thordin's Belt, and a new life started.


Female Human (Imperial) Monk 5
5'9", 132#, dark hair, dark eyes, 25 years old (DOB 02/15/"2003" (age 24 in "2003"))
Alignment LN; Deity: The Judge

Strength 12 +1    
Dexterity 17 +3 19 +4
Constitution 10  0    
Intelligence 10 0    
Wisdom  16 +3 18 +4
Charisma 12 +1    

Initiative: +4 (Dex)
Armor Class: 23 (+4 Dex, +4 Wis, +1 Class, +1 Ring of Protection, +1 Amulet of Natural Armor, +2 Bracers of Armor) / FF 19 / Touch 23
28 / 26 with personal force field activated (+6 deflection bonus to AC vs. blasters, +4 deflection bonus to AC vs. lasers, 6 uses, can be recharged. (Note that this doesn't stack with the RoP, so the ring bonus is ignored.)
Speed: 40 ft.
hp: 31 + 20 from Trauma Symbiote
Attack: BAB +3 / Unarmed BAB +3 (Unarmed BAB also applies to attacks with kama, nunchaku, or siangham.)
+4 melee (Unarmed 1d8+1 [18-20/x2])    
+5 melee (Kama (keenblade) 1d6+1 [19-20/x2])   Keenblade grants +1 to attack, 
doubles threat range (included)
+4 melee (Nunchaku 1d6+1 [x2])    
+7 ranged (Shuriken 1 [x2])
+8 atk / +1 dmg within 30'
Range 10 ft.  
+10 ranged (Blaster pistol, upgraded 3d8 [x2])
+9 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 100 ft.  Weapon Focus
Laser sight
BP upgraded by Jake Elwood 
[Evacuation of Mistral]
+8 ranged (Experimental blaster pistol 3d8+6 [x2]) 
+9 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 130 ft. Weapon Focus
+8 ranged (Laser rifle 3d10 [x2])
+9 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 200 ft. Radar sight
+7 ranged (Laser carbine 3d8 [x2]) 
+8 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 150 ft.  
+7 ranged (Laser pistol 2d10 [x2]) 
+8 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 100 ft.  
+8 ranged (Screamer pistol 2d6 [x2])
+9 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 100 ft. Laser sight
+7 ranged (Taser pistol 1d6 [x3]; Stun Fort DC 15) 
+8 atk / +1 dmg within 30 ft.
Range 100 ft.    
Special Qualities: 
  • Unarmed strike (includes the benefits of the Improved Unarmed Strike feat - no AoO from armed opponents the monk attacks; can be used to deal subdual damage)
  • Stunning attack (once/level/day can make stun attack - opponent makes Fort save DC (10+0.5monk's level+WisMod), else stunned for one round)
  • Evasion (zero dmg rather than half on successful Reflex save)
  • Flurry of Blows (one extra attack per round at highest base attack, but any attacks that round are at -2; may use kama, nunchaku, siangham for this)
  • Deflect Arrows feat (once per round may make Ref save vs DC (20+magical mod of ranged weapon) to deflect a ranged weapon that would have hit)
  • Still Mind (+2 to spells and effects from the Enchantment school)
  • Slow Fall (20 ft.) (near a wall, treat fall as 20 ft. less than it is)
  • Evade Fire (once per round, up to Wis mod times per day, if firearm attack would hit, make DC 20 Reflex save - if succeed, attack misses. No Action.)
  • Purity of Body (immunity to all diseases except magical diseases such as mummy rot and lycanthropy)  
Saves: Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +9
Size: Medium

Armor (Light - High Tech), Point Blank Shot, Technical Proficiency, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Blaster Pistol), Weapons (Monk, Simple - High Tech).

(Want to take Precise Shot or Weapon Finesse (unarmed) as next feat)

(All Gundancer requirements except BAB +5 met.)

Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Modifiers 
Balance +10 4 +4 - Dex +2 synergy (Tumble), included
Diplomacy +5 4 +1 - Cha +2 synergy (Sense Motive), included
Freefall +18 4 +4 - Dex +10 circumstance bonus (Ring of Freefall), included
+2 synergy (Tumble) for acrobatic maneuvers, not included
Hide +17 3 +4 - Dex  +10 competance bonus (Stealth spellware), included
Jump +8 5 +1 - Str +2 synergy (Tumble), included
Listen +8 4 +4 - Wis  
Move Silently +28 4 +4 - Dex  +10 competance bonus (Stealth spellware), included
+10 circumstance bonus (Dampsuit), included
Search +0 0 +0 - Int  
Sense Motive +6 2 +4 - Wis  
Spot +4 0 +4 - Wis  
Tumble +11 7 +4 - Dex +2 synergy (Freefall) if in less than 1g, not included
Urban Lore  +5 1 +4 - Wis  

  • None
Honors and Organizations Favors
  • Citizen of Port Anka
  • Resident of Port Anka
  • Rimworld Barrens Legionary Officers Corps
Source Promotion 
Level joined (LDS08) 2  2 Private
LDS08  3 Private First Class
LDS11  0  3  
Level +1 (LDS11) 1  4  
LDS09 1  5  
Level +1 (LDS02) 1  6 Corporal
LDS07  7   
LDS10  8   
LDS12 2 10 2nd Lieutenant
Level +1 (LDS12) 1 11  
LDS13  1  12  
LDS14  2 14   
Active Favors
  • Enmity of Captain Styx [LDS13 On Account]
  • Favor of the Celestials [LDS15 Entry-Level Position]
  • Favor of the Elven Nation [LDSSF04 The Great Escape]
  • Favor of Gavyn Star Cloud [LDSSF02 Scavengers]
  • Gerard Majerus Favor [LDS01 Evacuation of Mistral] - trauma symbiote
  • Influence of Zeeman's World [LDSSF02 Scavengers]
  • ISPD Favor [LDS03 Thordin's Belt] - 2500cr or tbd
  • Marked by Chartaun [LDS12 Reclamation]
  • Imperial Favor [LDS13 On Account]
  • Imperial Favor [LDS14 R&R]
  • Imperial Favor [LDS15 Entry-Level Position]
  • Imperial Favor [LDS16 As Above, So Below]
  • Imperial Favor [LDSSF04 The Great Escape]
Favors Used
  • Favor of Mr. Tapin [LDS10 Last Bastion] (used to reserve a docking bay)
  • Imperial Favor [LDS07 Port Anka] (used to acquire +1 Cloak of Resistance)
  • Imperial Favor [LDS08 Black Glass] (used to acquire Stealth Spellware)
  • Imperial Favor [LDS09 Starpoint] (used and turned in for WF 2004 AC drawing)
  • Imperial Favor [LDS10 Last Bastion] (used to acquire +1 Cloak of Resistance)
  • Imperial Favor [LDS11 Vae Victus] (used to acquire Stealth Spellware)
  • Imperial Favor [LDS12 Reclamation] (used to acquire +2 Bracers of Armor)
  • Imperial Favor [LDSSF01 Reach for the Stars] (used to acquire +2 Bracers of Armor)
  • Imperial Favor [LDSSF02 Scavengers] (used to acquire +2 Bracers of Armor)
  • Imperial Favor [LDSSF03 Heir to the Reaper] (used to acquire Stealth Spellware)
Special Items Special Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Spellware
    • Enhanced Dexterity +2 (Enhancement bonus) [WF 2004 Contest]
    • Enhanced Wisdom +2 (Enhancement bonus) [WF 2004 Contest]
    • Stealth +10 (Competence bonus) [Purchased, Activity Center]
  • +1 Amulet of Natual Armor [Purchased, Signature Item]
  • Blaster pistol with laser sight, upgraded [upgrade done by Jake Elwood after LDS01 Evacuation of Mistral]
  • +2 Bracers of Armor [Purchased, Activity Center]
  • +1 Cloak of Resistance [Purchased, Activity Center]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [LDS01 Evacuation of Mistral] - Heals 1d8+1
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds x2 [LDS04 Thordin's Secret]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds x2 [LDS13 On Account]
  • Dermpatch of Cur Light Wounds x4 [LDSSF01 Reach for the Stars]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [LDSSF02 Scavengers]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds x5 [Purchased, Activity Center]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [Gift from Wocket, LDS01 Evacuation of Mistral]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [Gift from Wocket, LDSSF02 Scavengers]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds x5 [Traded with Wocket, Activity Center]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Minor Wounds x2 [Purchased, LDS05 The War Within]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Minor Wounds x5 [Purchased, LDS07 Port Anka]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Minor Wounds x2 [Purchased, LDSSF0x Heir to the Reaper]
  • Experimental Blaster Pistol [LDS06 The Price of Betrayal] - Dmg 3d8+6, Critical x2, Range increment 130', 50 shots, can be recharged under special circumstances.
  • Fragmentation Grenade x2 [LDS03 Thordin's Belt]
  • Longsword, MW [LDS14 R&R]
  • NNT Corporate Introductory Seminar [LDS15 Entry-Level Position]
  • Personal Force Field [LDS06 The Price of Betrayal] - +6 deflection bonus to AC vs. blasters, +4 deflection bonus to AC vs. lasers, 6 uses, can be recharged under special circumstances.
  • Ring of Freefall [LDS12 Reclamation]
  • +1 Ring of Protection [LDS08 Black Glass]
  • Shock Palm x2 [LDS07 Port Anka]
  • Stabilizer dermapatch x5 [Purchased, LDS07 Port Anka]
  • Trauma Symbiote [LDS08 Black Glass]
  • Wand of Cure Light Wounds [Purchased, Activity Center]
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [LDS03 Thordin's Belt, not certed] (used in LDSSF02 Scavengers)
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [LDS11 Vae Victus, not certed] (used in LDS04 Thordin's Secret)
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds [Purchased, LDS11 Vae Victus, not certed] (used in LDS14 R&R)
  • Dermpatch of Cure Light Wounds x2 [Gfit from Wocket, LDS03 Thordin's Secret] (used in LDSSF04 The Great Escape]
  • Oil of Repair Minor Damage x5   [Purchased, LDSSF02 Scavengers] (given to Wocket, LDSSF02 Scavengers)
Mundane Items Mundane Items Traded, Given Away, or Used
  • Autopistol, light, and 2 magazines
  • Belt pouch, 2
  • Blaster pistol, old [from Weaponsmith's, LDS07 Port Anka]
  • Clothing: black shirt, pants, and boot, enveloping black cloak with hood (Monk's outfit (2) plus cloak); one set left in quarters
  • Communicator, personal [LDS10 Last Bastion]
  • Dagger, Keenblade [LDS10 Last Bastion]
  • Dampsuit
  • Flashlight
  • Kama, keenblade
  • Laser carbine (usually not carried)
  • Laser pistol (usually not carried)
  • Laser rifle
  • Low-light Tape
  • Low-light Lantern
  • Night-vision goggles
  • Nunchaku (usually not carried)
  • Origami paper
  • Power packs for laser carbine, 3
  • Rope, synthetic, 100'
  • Screamer pistol [LDS12 Reclamation]  with Laser sight [LDS13 On Account]
  • Shuriken, 10
  • Shuriken, old and restored [from dojo, LDS07 Port Anka]
  • Survival kit
  • Tanglefoot bag x4 [LDS13 On Account]
  • Taser pistol and magazine [LDSSF04 The Great Escape]
  • Gyrojet rifle and 1 magazine - given to Gil Haeron after the module in which Blade acquired it [LDS02 Legacy of the Lost World]


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Some of Blade's fellow adventurers.

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