Darcy Gwynneth Dunlaoghaire

Darcy's Fellow Adventurers

Adventurer Sex, Race, Home Region Class Notes Player
Anauroch Male, Elven Monk    Richard Fain 
Ardaena Female, Human, Rasheman Druid  Animal companion: Phantom (grey wolf)  Catie Martolin 
Sir Arthur Male, Human Fighter Knight of the Golden Rooster
Grandfather of Eloise
Linda Baldwin 
Autumn Delgath Female, Human, Waterdeep Cleric  Cleric of Gond  Jim Roberts 
Brother Yohn Male, Human Monk / Cleric Cleric of Chauntea  Richard Gurdak
Cassandra Female, Human Cleric  Cleric of Sharess Ed Gibson
Chesuan Ilenia Hawkmoon  Female, Elven  Diplomat  "Chessa" 
Region undefined; may change last name
Kim Donovan
Cyrus Black  Male, Human  Detective (Rogue)    Linda Baldwin 
Gerard Iansson Male, Human  Cleric Cleric of Lathander  Joe Urbano 
Jen E. Tayla Female, Human Wizard  Enchanter specialist 
Region undefined
David Samuels 
Master Chan Male, Human Monk    Steve Wales 
Nadira Turos Female, Human Sorcerer / Fighter  Gypsy Cynthia Wood 
Padraig Dunlaoghaire Male, Human, Moonshae Isles Bard  Darcy's brother; see the description of the Dunlaoghaire family, or of Padraig, for details. Michael Mistele
Phleghm Goodbear Male, Human  Barbarian  Region undefined  Wayne Straiton
Tatalasan Moago Male, Human, Procampur FIghter/Wizard Member of the Diamond Legion, Procampur Linda Baldwin 
Tyna Jander Female, Human, The Vast Paladin Paladin of Torm Curtis Steinhour 
Yolanda Jones  Female, Human  Cleric  Cleric of Gond
Region undefined 
Dirk Chin-Leung 

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