Jewel at University on Alderaan

Juliana  Melisande Ariane de La Tremouille d'Otrante Stendan


Name Sex, Race Class (Observed) Notes Real Name
Ace (Jonathon P. Zimmer) M Human  Soldier Also pilot. Lee Best
Augi Ban Dawgi M Gungan  Jedi Guardian    Keith Knecht
Biras F Human Noble   Linda Baldwin
Bon Kinnington M Human Jedi Guardian "The Blind Jedi"
Sacrificed himself to save Cularin from the Darkstaff.  
Stephen Wales
Bondo M Human (ex-Jedi, Bounty Hunter)   John Bond
Caine Kor'El M Human  Jedi Guardian   John Urbano 
Cara F Human  Noble   Ruth Pinsky 
Chance Starmine M Human     Chris Bradshaw
Da'Iana F Tarasin Force Adept Interesting use of Force; started Force-using discussions with her. Linda Baldwin
Dennis Michaels M Human   Soldier NPC Vic Polites
Derek Walker  M Human  Soldier?    Neil Maruca 
Dr. Pelzar Frinn, PhD M Human Scoundrel / Force Adept   Michael Yingbull
Ennia F Tarasin Force Adept Da'Iana's apprentice - 11 (was 9 when we met) yrs. old. NPC / Linda Baldwin
Faber Duomo M Human Scoundrel / Soldier    Michael Sitts
Flynn Marker M Human Scoundrel Flynn's Fix-It on Tolea Biqua Jeff Huston
Gaasct Takeel M Togruta (Hunter)    Vic Polites
Gorwookik F Wookiee  Soldier / Tech Specialist   Curtis Steinhour 
Ian-Rafe M Cerean Jedi Consular / Jedi Investigator  "Domer" Joe Urbano
Idarra F Human Scout   Catie Martolin
Jak Santschi M Human Soldier  Corellian (used to be CorSec) Jeff Cisneros
Jin Jin Kai M Gungan Jedi Guardian   Randy Wilde
Kaelon Naj M Human Scoundrel    Sean Yo 
Katya "Kat" Mitaral  F Human  Noble / Scoundrel    Ed Balyka 
Kim Lysle M Human Jedi Guardian   Vic Polites
Koth Ruk'ra M Bothan Soldier   John Rider
Li Chiang  M Human  Jedi Consular    Damian Osisek 
Lorworr M Wookiee (Scout)   Lee Best
Lt. Trace Polters M Human   NPC
Ma'haffee Shipyard
Vic Polites
Lu'Taak M Tarasin Force Adept   Sara Ives' Apprentice   NPC / Chuck Walbourn
Lx Nder Drake M Human Scoundrel / Force Adept Married to Tendarea Tenderheart Ed DeJesus 
Malic M Human  Jedi Guardian    Mark Narduzzi 
Maxell Slater  M Human Soldier    Patrick Anderson 
Mother Dariana F Tarasin    NPC - Hiironi Irstat  
Mother Morad'Ka F Tarasin    NPC - Jaraana Irstat  
Mullan-Kiep M Human  Jedi Guardian    Eric Osisek 
Nirama   NPC  
Odella Windwalker  M Human Jedi Guardian    David Samuels 
Onjin Wan Bein  M Human  Jedi Guardian   Philip Paul Martinez 
Orian Starfinder M Human Jedi Guardian    Andrew Hauptman
Page Libros M Human (Playboy)   Greg Pater
Pandorin M Wookiee Soldier    Kevin Cox
Dr. Pelzar Frinn M Human Force Adept / Scout    Michael Bull 
Ralka M Wookiee  Soldier  Scratches head a lot Michael Schleigh 
Rick Sternbach M Human Scoundrel / Scout   D. Stephen Raymond
Ril Stendan M Human Scoundrel Husband
More information about Ril.
Mike Mistele
Ro Lauren F Human Soldier / Elite Trooper   Michael Sander
Sacrin-Demar  M Human  Jedi Guardian    Kris Bryson 
Sara Ives F Human Scout / Force Adept Cularin Survival expert Chuck Walbourn
Sasakin M Trandoshan     Dan Cooper
Sci Michaels M Human Scout / Soldier   Erik Robbins
Skip M Tarasin    NPC - Tarasin Transport (young male driver) Jae Walker 
Snub Snub (Nima Dep) F Sullustran Scout / Scoundrel / Force Adept / Jedi Guardian   Kytte Burke
Taj Rodo M Cerean Jedi Consular   Josh Kaufman
Tansy Einar F Human Scoundrel   Sean Schoonmaker
Lady Tendarea Tenderheart Drake F Human Noble Married to Lx Nder Drake Dana Busenbark
Teppe Lanz M Human Soldier   John Miller-Purrenhage
Thaedius Creed M Human    NPC - Owner of CreedCon  
Thurm Loogg
(and droids)
M Caarite    NPC - Head of the Metatheran Cartel August Hahn
( Interactives )
Vaazu Taebella M Bimm Force Adept / Scoundrel    Scott Unger 
Wookchacca F Wookiee Noble Sacrificed herself to bring back an Oblee Cynthia Wood
Xav Verivax M Human  (Playboy and Pilot)  NPC Sean Hanlin
Xor-Gaton Imbredor M Human  Jedi Guardian    Gary Labrecque 



Ril Stendan

After successfully defeating those Cell members who set up the group and attacked Nirama (BW3: UnderWorld), Ril asked Jewel to join him in a victory celebration. When he arrived to pick her up, the first impression he had was that answering the door was a young woman he didn't quite recognize immediately, though she had Jewel's voice. Unlike every other time he had seen her, even in the bars and cantinas before a mission, she was not wearing her shipsuit. Instead, Jewel was clad in deep blue - soft silken trousers tucked into her boots, a soft silk shirt with full sleeves, and a loose silk sleeveless overtunic that was cut to varying lengths from knee to ankles. The overtunic was belted with a silver-mesh belt, and there were silver accents on the trousers and shirt. Her hair was left unbound, and flowed past her waist, held out of her face by a thin blue-silk-and-silver-mesh cord at her forehead. The  whole effect was of comfort and practicality, yet very feminine - and oddly vulnerable.

Ril was attired differently as well, in a charcoal-grey tunic over black trousers and new black boots, and a black duster style coat. They stood and looked at each other for a moment, then Jewel recalled herself and invited Ril in.

A curtain is drawn over the rest of the evening .......

Over the course of the next several weeks, it became clear to those with whom Ril and Jewel interacted that there was something between them. The first public announcement occurred at Vanster Enan's Sop House, where Ril and Jewel had stopped briefly one evening. There, the combination of Bondo continuing to attempt to hire Jewel as a pilot or trainer and a young woman accosting Ril prompted the pair to declare their engagement. The matter has spread among their friends, and become the subject of occasional teasing. In addition, Ril has suddenly become quite the eligible no-longer-bachelor.

A wedding is planned for July 15, 2002, with a small group of friends in attendance.

On July 15, 2002, Jewel married her beloved Ril in a ceremony attended by a small group of friends.



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