Jewel at University on Alderaan

Juliana  Melisande Ariane de La Tremouille d'Otrante Stendan

Personal (non-adventuring) Equipment

  • Solid silver bracelet with intricate design (gift from Ril)
  • White gold wedding necklace and pendant - a twin of Ril's (wedding)
  • Two silver hair combs (birthday gift from Ril)
  • First Anniversary gift from Ril: A ring, crafted in white gold. The primary gem is a star sapphire, cabochon cut, in deep blue with a six-pointed star pattern deep within it. The sapphire is surrounded by six small diamonds. The overall design of the ring is scrollwork, matching the bracelet he gave her on their first date.
  • Blouse and pants of deep ruby red silk, cut to flatter her figure (birthday gift from Ril)
  • "Arabian nights" shirt and pants made of silk scarves, with a flowing silk robe overall (costume from Clouds 2)
  • Blue silk shirt, pants, and overtunic with silver mesh belt and silver-and-silk headband
  • Tight-fitting black pants with shoulderless black bodice and loose off-the shoulder sleeves narrowing to tight cuffs
  • Deep blue strapless dress cut tight to the hips, then flaring out to a full skirt
  • Long-sleeved evening gown in deep red, trimmed in silver, with a v-neckline plunging halfway to the waist, and a v-back that plunges just below the waist. The sleeves are close-fitting, as is the dress  down to the hips, where it flares slightly. The skirt is slit on the right almost all the way up the thigh
  • Twi'lek dancer's costume, made of an iridescent, translucent material; the top is a halter, while the bottom is hip-hugging but goes to the ankle, with a pair of dancer's slippers (gift from Ril, purchased on Ryloth).
  • Alderaanian formal gown (purchased in For Fun and Profit)
Unusual items
  • Wedding gift from Ril: A blue-green crystal ball, about 3" in diameter (about the size of a baseball), and a wooden stand with four prongs, clearly of the size to hold the ball. The stand itself is disc-shaped, also about 3" in diameter and about 3/4" thick; the prongs rise up from the center of the top and spread out. When the left stud is pressed, the crystal sphere begins to glow softly, and slowly rises an a few inches above the base. As it begins to glow, you can see outlines of continents -- it is a globe of Corellia. It begins to rotate, still floating. When the right stud is pressed, the sphere continues to float and rotate, but the glow changes slightly. Now, it represents a globe of Cularin. The middle stud turns it off.
  • Datacard with past 10 years of the Journal of Starship Engineering (birthday gift from Ril)
  • Model YT-1300 freighter that flies (birthday gift from Ril)

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