Jewel at University on Alderaan

Juliana  Melisande Ariane de La Tremouille d'Otrante Stendan

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Favors, Effects, and Unusual Items

Permanent Effects
  • An Ending All Your Own [The Eye]
  • Desert Survival Aptitude [Twi'light Storm] - +3 aptitude bonus to Survival skill checks while in the desert
  • Favor of the Jedi Academy [The Dark Side Beckons] - +1competance bonus to skill: Tumble
  • Favor of the Jedi Academy [Quarters] - +1 competence bonus to skill: Pilot
  • Hero of Cularin [Force Convention] - +1 to Reputation
  • Jedi Tutoring [Ilum-ination] - +2 to Jedi Lore
  • Light Side Loyalty [The Dark Side Beckons] - Reduces "DSP ever earned" total by two points
  • Mental Discipline [A Dark Fortress] - +1 to Intelligence
  • Order of Cularin Medal [A Mon Alone] - +3 to Reputation inside Cularin, other benefits
  • Radiation Storm Effect [Into the Storm Clouds] - +1 to Intelligence
  • School of Hard Knocks [A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance] - Bonus feat (Multishot chosen)
  • The Call of the Force [The Dark Side Beckons] - Gain Force Sensitive feat immediately
  • Viral Mutation [Caaried Away] - +1 to Constitution
  • A Hero of Cularin... Always [The Eye]
  • Appreciation of the Jedi [Philology] - Hero is given the benefit of the doubt in interactions with Cularin Jedi
  • Appreciation of the Trade Alliance [For Fun and Profit] - 10% Discount or Bonded Courier Status or Financial Advisory Service
  • Attention of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine [Decision: Coruscant]
  • Bayonard Blaster Carrying Permit [Find the Lady] - Permit to carry blasters in Bayonard City - SUPERCEDED by Cularin Blaster Weapon Permit (Advanced)
  • Certificate of Gratitude [Revelation and Refutation] - one-time +10 circumstance bonus to any skill check where goal is to keep from getting into trouble
  • Cularin Blaster Weapon Permit (Advanced) [Padawannabees] - Permit for Blaster Rifle - SUPERCEDES Bayonard Blaster Weapon Permit
  • Debt to Nirama [Price of Business] - CANCELLED by Favor of Nirama
  • Favor of the Almas Academy [The Way of the Force] - +20 to a single diplomacy check
  • Favor of the Bark Lovers [Mix 'n' Match] - effect unspecified
  • Favor of Echari Di'San [Plea Bargain] - one future favor
  • Favor of Lanius Qel'Bertuk and E1-6RA [The Resistance Within] - may request Lanius to intervene in a single important negotiation
  • Favor of Nestin Thokor, Comptroller of Oluna Biqua [No Place Like Home] - negate legal difficulty or penalty on future action on Oluna Biqua
  • Favor of Nirama [Topworld] (cancels Debt)
  • Favor of Nirama [Excursion] - Ship Upgrade, or Influence Used
  • Favor of Nirama: Illicit Goods Assistance [Philology] - one-time +10 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy check made to acquire illicit or restricted goods
  • Favor of Osten Dal'Nay [Shadows in Green] - one time, prevents one restricted item from being confiscated
  • Favor of Senator Wren [Oblivion's Kiss] - effect unspecified
  • Favor of Senator Wren [Night's Homecoming] - +5 bonus to all social interactions with Senator Wren and her staff, and +2 bonus with OPS
  • Favor from Teeloo [Price of Business] - transportation three times in-system or once out of system
  • Future Vision [Force Convention]- May have one d20 roll that resulted in the hero's death re-rolled
  • Get It For You Wholesale [Plea Bargain] - May acquire one legal, non-restricted item at half cost (max saving 3,000cr)
  • Gratitude of the Army of the Republic [Outward Bound] - 1/3 permit
  • Gratitude of the Army of the Republic [Who Goes Thaere?] - 1/3 permit
  • Gratitude of the Cularin Militia [Excursion] - 1/3 permit
  • Gratitude of the Cularin Militia [Night's Promise] - 1/3 permit
  • Gratitude of Senator Jasso Toryn [Contract AA-23] - Counts as 1/3 permit, or one-time +5 circumstance modifier to negotiation or barter roll with a non-hostile individual.
  • Heir of Nirama [Showdown] - 25,000 credits (not added to log)
  • Hero of Cularin [Memories] - +5 circumstance bonus to income rolls for the next 6 modules - USED
  • Hero of Cularin [Padawannabees] - +10 circumstance bonus to any one skill check when the purpose is to avoid getting into trouble
  • "I've Got a Pulse!" [Decision: Coruscant]
  • Kilassin Claw Necklace [Hunting the Wyrd] - +2 circumstance bonus in any Cha-based social interaction with non-Wyrd Tarasin
  • Legal Permit, Blaster Rifle [Purchased]
  • Legal Permit, Heavy Blaster Pistol [Purchased]
  • Nirama's Gratitude [Recursion] - +1 Reputation, one time influence used.
  • Recognition of the Cularin Militia [The Air Up Thaere] - May be used for one of: recommendation for promotion in the Militia; +10 to one Gather Information or Knowledge check about Thaerian military; one time visit of Militia when hero misses a payment to the HSCA.
  • Respect of the Thaereian Military [Storm's Depths] - +2 circumstance bonus when negotiating a surrender or in a hostage-taking situation
  • Restricted Item or Restricted Item Permit - Permit for Blaster Carbine [Incursion]
  • Restricted Item Permit - Permit for  xxx [At Your Service] - from the Cularin Militia
  • Somebody doesn't like you ... [Destruction]
  • SoroSuub Droid Programming [In the Name of the Maker]
  • SoroSuub Droid Programming [In the Name of the Maker - gift from Ro Lauren]
  • Spacer Contact on Coruscant [Coruscani Dawn] - one-way free trip to or from anywhere in the galaxy OR one piece of accurate information about an individual or situation - USED in A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance
  • Special Favor from the Office of Peace and Security [Consignment] - one-time +4 bonus to Gather Information, OR to explain away suspicious behavior
  • Uffel Droid Programming [Uffel's Prisoners]
Unusual Items
  • A Sure Haven [A Plague of Darkness]
  • Broken Datapad [Contract AA-23]
  • Commemorative Model [In the Name of the Maker] - Model of the Queen of Cularin luxury liner
  • Commendation [Strike III] - Crystal representation of a ch'hala tree
  • Crystal Shard [Ilum-ination] - Shard of lightsaber crystal that cycles through all the colors of the rainbow
  • Defender of the Light [A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance]
  • Droid Works Access [Alliance of Strangers] - upgrade to droid
  • Drydock Pass [Strike III] - Minor starship upgrade
  • Encrypted Message [Showdown] - From Marin of the Oblee
  • Impounded Starship [Showdown] - Ability to purchase a Z-95 Headhunter, YT-1300, or Firespray-31
  • Invitation [Night's Homecoming] - Momento of invitation to Senator Wren's speech
  • Kessel Runner" Holopic w/ Janna's autograph [Night's Friend]
  • Miniature Bas-Relief Sculpture [A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Rodian]
  • Miniature Remote Control Speeder Bike [Cloak and Vibroblade]
  • Momento of the Battle of Cularin [Decision: Cularin] - A piece of debris from the Thaereian Naval vessel Indefagitable
  • Nirama's Messge [The Hand]
  • One Free Cake from Carilla's Catering [An Official Engagement] - USED for the Stendan wedding
  • One Week at Greentree Pointe Resort [Dorumaa's Children]
  • One Year Weekly Rental at Hedrett Holovid [Force Contention]
  • Pit Pass: First Annual Cularin Classic Swoop Race [Cloak and Vibroblade]
  • Portrait of a Hero [Night's Promise] - Drawing from Sullustan child
  • Seed of a New Hope [A Plague of Darkness] - Max FP - USED in A Hero Seeks Not Vengeance
  • Thaereian Stock Certificates [Night's Homecoming] - 200cr bonus to income roll
  • The Stendan Child Protection Law [Night's Homecoming] - name on series of Child Protection Laws
  • Thermal Detonator [Quarters] - appears serviceable, can never be used as an explosive
Web Certs applying to Jewel (in chronological order)
  • Simplicity [March 2005] - Merr-Sonn sale is over; Tarasin heroes no longer receive bonuses from the Great Ritual; all Reputation and Cha-based bonuses from previous Changes articles are void
  • Banner Days [May 2005] - Gold Order of Cularin Medal: +1 to all Cha-based skill and attribute checks in the Cularin system; HBP and LRBR available for purchase and no longer require permits
  • Stone and Steel [June 2005] - May purchase equipment from the AEG
  • Idiosyncrasies [August 2005] - All certificates involving Senator Wren are null and void.
  • Dark Hands [August 2005] - Once per adventure, gain a +2 bonus to any Knowledge check if hero could have "heard something on the holonet"
  • Home Again [November 2005] - Bounty on Senator Wren, receive a -4 penalty to all Cha-based skill and attribute checks when interacting with any soldier of the Republic, member of the Senate, or while on Coruscant for any reason.
  • The Price of Neutrality - Isolation [December 2005] - Fee of 200cr each time heroes leave the Cularin system in a ship they own or have been loaned, except if the mission is on behalf of the Milita or the Cularin Government. Noble Favor or Scoundel Illicit Barter class features may be used to cover the fee.
  • The Price of Neutrality - Rebellion [January 2006] - Fees, goods, and services all have their price increased by 20%.
  • The Calm Before the Storm [January 2006] - Hero's Guide feats and PClasses available; one-time opportunity to remake characters.
  • Faded Colors [February 2006] - Temple of the Five Masters destroyed; Barnab Chistor favors no longer valid.
  • Closed Circuits [February 2006] - Droids receive +2 Int, +4 skill points.

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