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"Alderaan, a revered Core world, had long been a center point in galactic politics, exploration, and culture. Alderaanian exploration vessels plied many of most important trade routes in the galaxy. Colonists from Alderaan settled many scattered worlds.

"Alderaan was a beautiful blue green orb lacking moons, and was the home of a peaceful society. Unlike the crowded Core worlds like Coruscant, Alderaanian society struck a harmonious balance between urban centers and undisturbed wilderness. Alderaan was once home to a native sentient species that had long ago died out, an insectoid culture known as the Killiks, who left behind impressive hive-edifices -- called Castle Lands -- on the Alderaanian grasslands.

"Much of Alderaan was covered by gently swaying grasslands and prairies. Alderaanian artists used the landscape itself to create living works of art, planting grasses of different hues and textures along carefully plotted paths. The savannahs supported a variety of ruminant life-forms, such as grazers and nerfs, and ranching was a common occupation on rural Alderaan.

"The few metropolitan areas of the planet were designed in such a way to complement their surroundings. The city of Aldera's skyline consisted of gently curved, gleaming white buildings that formed a subtle bridge between the green grasses and white clouds. Here, students from across the galaxy studied at the famed University of Aldera, a learning institution that promoted freethinking, much to the chagrin of the Empire. Other centers, such as Crevasse City, melded so perfectly with their surroundings as to be almost invisible from a distance."
- excerpted from the databank at, the official Star Wars website.


"The planet is attractive, with farms and small towns located between rolling hills, fields, and pockets of razor grass
Points of interest include the Gold Beaches, the mid-sized town of Bela Vistal, and the capital city of Coronet, located
on the coast. Unlike many cities, Coronet has plenty of wide-open spaces, because its small buildings and trading stalls are separated by parks and plazas. Treasure Ship Row in Coronet was formerly (before the Empire, at least) an eclectic bazaar catering to species from every corner of the galaxy." - from The Star Wars Encyclopedia

Corellia used to be ruled by a royal family, and only became a republic three centuries ago.

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