Katerina Shadowseeker

Katerina's Fellow Adventurers

Adventurer Sex, Race, Home Region Class Notes Player
Sir Anlis Kydstar Male, Strongheart Halfling Fighter / Rogue Knight of the Golden Rooster
Married to Valery Vandrose
Linda Baldwin
Arma Geddon Male, Human Swashomancer Squire to the Right Hand of Tyr Wayne Straiton
Arrow Female,  Ranger / Rogue / Knight Scout    Catie Martolin
Sir Arthur Male, Human  Fighter  Knight of the Golden Rooster
Grandfather of Eloise
Linda Baldwin 
Dame Artta Female, Gnome Cleric / Divine Disciple Cleric of Mystra
Knight of the Golden Rooster
Knight of the Dove
Curtis Steinhour 
Dame Aurora Crownsilver Female, Human, Cormyr Cleric Cleric of Lathander
Knight of the Golden Rooster
Gary Labrecque
Axelbrod of Daggerdale Male, Human, Daggerdale Paladin / Devoted Defender Squire to the Dove Michael Eschlemen 
Sir Beldar Male, Human Bard Bard's Guild
Knight of the Golden Rooster
Squire to the Golden Crown Roosters
Linda Baldwin
Bethany Burrowkin Female, Gnome  Wizard / Arcane Devotee  Weasel familiar, Red Fang
Wizard's Guild
Clerical Circle
Larry Creager
Cassandra Female, Human Sorcerer / Elemental Savant (Air)   Gary Labrecque
Ciriana of Kelemvor Female, Human (Outsider)  Cleric / Divine Disciple  Squire to the Phoenix Catie Martolin 
Clager Male, Dwarf Barbarian / ? Eric Osisek
Darcy Dunlaoghaire Female, Human, Moonshae Isles Rogue / Ranger Sister to Padraig Dunlaoghaire
Member of the Bard's Guild, Fellowship of Blades
Maryrita Steinhour
Dawn of the Desert Moon Female Bard / Rogue   David Samuels
Eggbert Dippleworm Male, Sun Elf  Wizard (Evoker)  Median Circle Member of the Wizard's Guild  Stephen Wales 
Eloise Shadowhawk Female, Half-elf Wizard Granddaughter of Sir Arthur Linda Baldwin 
Sir Eric Dunne "The Sad Bard" Male, Human Bard / Sorcerer / Knight Mystic / Virtuoso Knight of the Dove Andrew Hauptman
Franklin Fairfield Male, Halfling     Bill Holder 
Freya Raenel Female, Human Sorcerer / Cleric / Arcane Devotee Cleric of Finder Wyvernspur  Vincent Au
Fuzzy Merryweather Male, Halfling Rogue?    Marty Bartoy
Gamid Granitebearer Male, Shield Dwarf  Fighter / Devoted Defender    Roy Melton
Sir Gandaine (Kar)  Male, Wood elf Monk Knight of the SIlver Hawk Rob Jordan 
Gesitule Female, Elf  Cleric    Elizabeth Osisek 
Granan  Male, Dwarf Fighter / Dwarven? Defender Squire to the Griffon
Ensign in RBAM
Citizen of the Dwarven Nation
Keith Knecht 
Halifar  Male, Halfling Rogue   Josh Kaufman
Janis Tunopper Female     George Harris
Justine Ranshaw Male     Jonathan Fox 
Kestrel Female     Gary Labrecque 
Sir Kurick of Tyr Male, Human  Paladin / Knight Martial Bonded griffon mount, Archangel 
Griffon Wing
Captain Ravens Bluff Army Militia
Executive Officer of the Black Ravens Troop I Heavy Horse
Michael J. Breslin, Sr. 
Larry the Scarred  Male, Human  Fighter / Rogue / Weaponsmaster RB Army (Kanes Scouts)  Jeff Huston
Lucinda Magere  Female, Human  Cleric / Devoted Defender / Duelist / Fighter / Monk / Paladin / Ranger / Rogue / Sorcerer / Templar Servant of Ilmater
Squire to the Phoenix
Bard's Guild, Fellowship of Blades
Oren Satov 
Marina Female, Sea-elf   Member of the City Watch Harbor Patrol Gary Labrecque
Mother Gwen Female Cleric?    Reynolds Jones 
Mystic Male     Curtis Steinhour
Onyx Nightdancer Female Rogue / Wizard / ?   Jan Kuhlmann
Opal Starlight Female     Ruth Pinsky
Padraig Dunlaoghaire Male, Human, Moonshae Isles Bard / Wizard Brother to Darcy Dunlaoghaire
Member of the Bard's Guild, Fellowship of Performers
Michael Mistele
Quickfingers Male, Half-elf?      Kris Bryson
Dame Rebekkah Darklyte  Female, Drow 
Cleric / Divine Disciple Cleric of  Eilistraee Ed Gibson 
Rialar Andabold Male       
Robert of the Bluff Male, Half-elf Fighter / Rogue / Sorceror / Duelist Raven companions: Dusk and Twilight Eric Robbins
Rooken Surefoot Male, Half-elf Ranger / Rogue / Wizard Companions Ffft (wild cat) and Spot (minimal jaguar) Dirk Chin-Leung
Sacore Male, Halfling Rogue   Curtis Steinhour
Sturg Stonesplitter Male     Bill Holder 
Dame Tanisere Brightarrow Female, Elf Ranger / Rogue Knight of the Pillar of the Realms
Knight-Squire to the Pillar of the Moon
Knight of the Golden Rooster
Catie Martolin
Tayla Strongarm Female, Human  Fighter / Knight Martial / Cleric Cleric of Gond
Griffon Knight
Knight Squire to the Griffon Claw
Lieutenant in RBAM
Cynthia Wood 
Tenshinhan  Male, Human Monk Monk of Savras  
Sir Tilernus Rockcrusher Male, Dwarf, Fighter / Dwarven Defender / Ranger / Knight Martial Captain in the City Watch
Knight of the Griffon
Knight of the Griffon Claw
David Samuels
Thor Male, Wood Elf  Barbarian    Josh Kaufman
Torg Male, Human Fighter   Curtis Steinhour
Vas Ferns Male, Human Fighter / Divine Champion / Order of the Bow Initiate / Knight Martial  Divine Champion of Waukeen
Knight of the Golden Crown Roosters
Dirk Chin-Leung
Wandering Free Tallfellow    Bard / Ranger   Kytte Burke 
Weasle Male, Human Druid Damian Osisek
Wyvernne Silverwane Male  Fighter / Wizard / Devotee / Knight Mystic  Knight of the Mystic Flame 
Pseudodragon familiar - Grimwood
David Santana 

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