Kayley Tardreth Seabury

Fiondi Telpina

The adventuring company known as Fiondi Telpina, or "Hawks of Silver" was founded shortly after the founding members first met and worked together [Bedroom Eyes, 02/24/2003]. Those members are:
     Arangil Wildwatcher
     Kayley Tardreth Seabury
     Maven Mindseeker (was Drowsdotter)
     Quillios Mionodel

The Company has subsequently worked together and with others on a number of other missions, and has begun to expand.
Additional Members  Induction 
Vladimyr von Richtofen 08/2003 (just after GenCon 2003)
Victoria Vance 05/30/2005
Tansiq Aquarian 09/04/2005
Salazar Sebastian 09/09/2005

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