First Mate Kellan

Kellan's Fellow Adventurers

Adventurer Sex, Race Class Notes Player
Clager Male Human Barbarian    Eric Osisek 
Dame Artta Female Gnome Cleric / Divine Disciple Cleric of Mystra 
Knight of the Dove
Knight of the Golden Rooster
Curtis Steinhour 
Fuzzy Burrfoot Male Halfling  Rogue    Marty Bartoy
Gesitule Female Elf Cleric Cleric of ?  Elizabeth Osisek
Katerina Shadowseeker Female Elf  Rogue / Wizard / Ranger    Maryrita Steinhour
Torg Male Human Fighter    Curtis Steinhour 
Weasle Male Human Druid  Druid of Eldath Damian Osisek 

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