P. Derrick Hollingworth

Lancelot's Fellow Spies

Spy Gender Class Department Nationality Notes Player
Ash Male Snoop D2 (Military Operations) UK (Northern Ireland)   Linda Baldwin
Bebop Female Wheelman D2 (Military Operations) United States   Cynthia Wood
Bounder Male  Fixer D2 (Military Operations) British   Ernest Mueller
Czar Male Wheelman D2 (Military Operations) Russian Pietor "the Czar" Koenig Keith Knecht 
Dungeonmaster Male  Snoop  The Basement  United States    Christian Alipounarian 
Gopher Male Fixer  D Russian   Steve Wales  
Grasshopper Male Pointman / Soldier  D6 (Wetworks) Chinese (Hong Kong)   Michael Mistele 
Ice Female  Faceman D6 (Wetworks)     David Samuels 
Paladin Male  Fixer Peace Officer United States   Joe Urbano
Pudge Male  Fixer D6 (Wetworks) Vietnamese   John Bond
Sarah "Earthquake" Robbins Female Faceman   United States   Marcia Schoonover
Sekmet Female  Soldier  Special Forces Egyptian with a bit o' the Gaelic    Kytte Burke 
Shepard Male  Fixer  Peace Officer  Irish American?    James Flanagan 
Smoker Male  Wheelman  D2 (Military Operations)  United States  African-American  Curtis Steinhour 
Spaceman Male  Wheelman D4 (Urban Assault) United States (California) Drake Lane John Urbano 
Suave'  Male  Faceman  D0  Puerto Rico    Shawn Merwin 
Woodstock Female Snoop / Fixer D3 (Computer Espionage)     Jae Walker

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