Mother Leanna

Mother Leanna's Fellow Adventurers

Adventurer Sex, Race Class Region Notes Player
Arrias Male Human (Oeridian) Paladin Vicounty of Verbobonc Paladin of Heironeous Mike Mistele
Biff Brightblade   Male Halfling   Fighter / Rogue       Sean ?
Briana Rin Female Centaur       Don ?
Bush Male Dwarf Wizard / Druid      
Carina Kastupas Female Human (Rhenee) Rogue / Fighter Duchy of Urnst   Chuck Walbourn
  Cyn (sp?)   Male (blue-scaled)   Warmage / ?       Daniel ?
  F ?   Female Human (Suel)   Fighter / Cleric       ?
Grall Male Dwarf Fighter      
Janga Fett Male Human Cleric   Cleric of Pelor David ?
Kovar Male Halfling Rogue     Jonathon Breitenstein
  Loc Naar   Male Half-Orc   Monk       Frank Giminez
  Nick   Female Human   Fighter       Ckhyamoj Townsend
Rafe Gerardsman Male Human (Flannae) Rogue / Fighter     Joe Urbano
Stilgar Male Centaur        
Suriaya Female Human Cleric   Cleric of Nola Jan Kuhlmann
Thagram Male Dwarf Barbarian     James Hypes
Zarek Thrace Male Grey Elf Warmage Vicounty of Verbobonc   Mike Mistele
Zelonis Male Elf Cleric   Cleric of Pelor  

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