Robilar Russetleaf

Robilar's Fellow Adventurers

Adventurer Sex, Race, Home Region Class Notes Player
Aramil Siannodel Male Moon Elf Cleric  Cleric of Solonor Curtis Steinhour
Grog Male Half-Orc   Barbarian    John Urbano
Lysandra Gwenywyn Female Elf  Rogue    Joe Urbano 
Palustre Amandel Male Elf Druid    Fred Maier 
Portia Female Strongheart Halfling from Luiren Monk   David Kingsley 
Qillabea Liadon Female Moon Elf Cleric  Cleric of Solonor Peg Muldoon
Sigrid Einarsdottr Female Human from Damara Fighter   Michael Mistele

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