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Legends of Arcanis

Framework (as of 2012-06-24)

Hard Points

HP1-13 For Hate's Sake

HP1-11 Condemnation

HP1-10 Desecration

HP1-9 Into the Heart of Darkness

HP1-8 Judgment

HP1-7 Where is Your God Now?: The Battle of Jappa

HP1-2 Desperate Times

Soft Points

SP1-8 The Bramble Labyrinth

SP1-7 Into the Verdant Heart

SP1-6 What Lies Beneath

SP1-11 Cache (game)

SP1-12 A Thousand Words





Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance


Core of Corruption

Reckoning of Wraiths

Living Forgotten Realms


Shared LFR Campaign Files

AGLA1-7 Twilight Ambitions

AGLA2-1 The Undumor Connection (Hybrid)

BALD1-2 The Night I Called the Undead Out

CORE1-4 Crystal Clear (no tokens)

CORE1-4 Crystal Clear (Hybrid, with tokens)

CORE1-6 Incident at the Gorge of Gauros

DALE2-1 Forever

LURU1-2 The Gibbous Moon (Hybrid)

LURU1-2 The Gibbous Moon (Hybrid High Zalarian)

MOON1-2 The Sea Drake

MOON1-3 Black Gold (Hybrid xalcairn)

MOON1-4 Black Blood (Hybrid xalcairn)

QUES1-1 Black Cloaks and Bitter Rivalries

WATE1-3 The Woolman's Restless Tomb

WATE1-4 Mystery of Deepwater Harbor



Fellowship of the White Star

Witch Hunter: Dark Providence

Chronicles of the Shattered Empires - QuickLaunch Rules


CSE-A1-HP1-2 Desperate Times

CSE-A1-HP1-3 Strange Bedfellows

CSE-A1-SP1-2 Dry Rain

CSE-A1-SP1-3 Cardakkx Rising

CSE-A1-SP1-4 Ancient Secrets Left Unspoken


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