Player Handout 1: Itinerary


1. 9pm, Thursday, November 16, 1905, ball at the Greek embassy (#3 on the map)
2. 9am, Friday, November 17, meeting with Vatican representatives (#4 on the map)
3. 6pm, Friday, November 17, dinner at the French embassy (#6 on the map)
4. 9am, Saturday, November 18, meeting with Tsars Secretary of Protocol, winter palace (#7 on the map).
5. 6pm, Saturday, November 18, dinner at the German embassy (#8 on the map)
6. 6pm, Monday, November 20, Dinner at the Winter Palace (#7 on the map)
7. After meeting with Tsar, Monday, November 20, briefing with Prof Berwyck (#2 on the map)

Note that Russia used the Julian calendar in this time period. The dates listed in
the module are for the rest of the world, Russian dates are 13 days behind that
calendar. This has no significant effect on game play.