Player Handout 4: Local Newspaper


Local Newspaper “Kievlianin” (the paper is obviously not independent and the heroes will assume that the articles are approved by the Tsarist regime. The Kievlianin is the only paper that continued to publish during the strikes).

1. Article about the Tsar’s progressive policies that are endearing him to the workers
2. Article about the Russo-Japanese war peace treaty and how it was obviously tilted in the favor of Russia as they retained the northern half of Sakhalin Island and monetary indemnity was not being paid.
3. Article about the good relations with France and how various debts were being restructured in favor of Russia.
4. Article about the wonderful fall harvest and how plentiful foodstuffs were.
5. Article about the stringent training the Russian cavalry undertake.

Note that Russia used the Julian calendar in this time period. The dates listed in
the module are for the rest of the world, Russian dates are 13 days behind that
calendar. So if the heroes buy a newspaper, they will note the difference.