Player Handout 1: Personal invitation from Aldaron the Loremaster

I, Aldaron the Loremaster, have been made aware of your actions regarding the fey of the Yuirwood and the legendary Tome of Twilight Boughs. I have acquired a copy of this book myself and am currently in the need of skilled adventurers, explorers, and risk takers to aid in my research of the Tome. You seem like just the right sort. Pay is good and you may earn a spot in history, albeit a little one, for discovering more information about the ancient elven kingdom of Yuireshanyaar. I am also interested in learning what you know of this legendary tome.

I humbly invite you to seek me at my home on Willow Way in Veltalar, capitol city of Aglarond.

May the gods favor you,
Aldaron the Loremaster