Handout III: A Brief History of the Dales


(As created through correspondence and eyewitness accounts – a work in progress)

Year of the Lords' Coronation (1418 DR):
Featherdale has fallen in hands of Sembian investments. (from Saevis in Scardale)

Year of the Dark Goddess (1420 DR):
Sembian mercenaries out of Yhaunn have overrun Tasseldale. (Saevis again)

Year of the Walking Trees (1421 DR):
A Sembian mercenary army arrived in Chandler’s Cross. They slaughtered many folk of the Scar and scattered the rest. (Last I heared from Saevis from Scardale)

Year of the Walking Trees (1421 DR):
Forces from Netheril attacked our Dale! Essembra has evacuated (But I can’t leave. I can’t…! Still, they entered my house, but they rued the day! All died, but they struck me down as well... I seem fine now, though I feel... strange.)

Year of Seven Sisters (1425 DR):
The Dales Compact has been reaffirmed with Myth Drannor. The Standing Stone has been restored. (I wish that could please me. But I can’t travel and see this miracle …I can’t even leave the house.)

Year of the Elfqueen's Joy (1428 DR):
The Seven Burghers of Harrowdale announced a formal alliance with Myth Drannor and renamed the city New Velar. (from a letter with young man Lucus Rivenstave)

Year of Silent Shadows (1436 DR):
Several Cormorean cities bordering Netheril and Sembia were blanketed by an unnatural miasma, blocking out the sun. (unsure about this source… can I trust a Sembian report?)

Year of the Silent Tear (1439 DR):
Cormyr and Sembia wage a series of increasingly hot battles. Seems like they are at war. (Well, apparently I can)

Year of Azuth's Woe (1440 DR):
Sembia marched a large mercenary army against Archenbridge but was repelled. The Swords were unmasked and found to be traitors to Sembia.

Year of Resurrections Rampant (1441 DR):
Cormyr marched troops from Daerlun and Highcastle to besiege Saerb and Urmlaspyr. That ended the war, at the Treaty of Griffonfang Bridge. (According to Rivenstave)

Year of the Godly Invitation (1449 DR):
Death of King Azoun V. Coronation of King Foril. (How can I be jealous of a man’s death?)

Year of the Forged Sigil (1459 DR):
Azalar Falconhand resigned lordship of Shadowdale. New lady mayor is Addee Ulphor. (in a long letter by the old sage, as he inquired after my experiments and advised me to cease. Does he not know? Or does he mock me? I did not reply.)

Year of the Dark Circle (1478 DR):
Shadow creatures start appearing at random places in eastern Cormanthor. (The first visitor in almost two decades came to my door fleeing the beasts. I am so sorry he didn’t come to a safe place…)

Year of the Ageless One (1479 DR):
The Burghers of New Velar joined an alliance with Myth Drannor and Vesperin against Shade. (from Rivenstave)

Year of Deep Water Drifting (1480 DR):
After a long time, new visitors arrive!