Player Handout 2


Reverend Channing

Three nights ago, a Mohegan family was killed. Their home was burned and their son was killed or taken. Many of my people still remember the massacre at Mistack fifty years ago, and they fear that the English are again coming to murder us. Others think that the French may be to blame, but I do not think they would come so far south to attack one family. There is much fear among my people, and with fear comes anger. There are many who wish to take revenge against the English for the deaths of our brother and sister. I do not think that the English did this thing, and now I hear that an English family has been attacked the same way. I wish to meet with you so that we may together learn the truth of what happened before any more blood is shed. I await at a camp on the Hartford road, near what the English call Morgan Hill. Please come to me, or send a message so that I know when to come to you. I know that you want peace between your people and ours, and I want the same.