Player Handout 1


A tarnished silver chalice hangs in empty space, being filled with a crimson liquid from above. You hear the squalling of an infant. As the liquid’s flow tapers off, the cries of the babe grow weaker until both it and the trickle of blood trail off into nothingness. Moments later, a fresh source begins to fill the chalice and a subtly different cry is heard. The chalice never fills.


* * * * *


A creature with a lion’s upper body and the lower body of a shark is moving before you. It moves with equal grace on land or in the sea. It steals up to a girl of 14 or 15 years of age. The girl works at her embroidery, blithely unaware of her own mortal peril. The creature pounces and devours her utterly before creeping back to where it hid. A different girl retrieves the first girl’s embroidery hoop and begins working. Soon she too is devoured…and then another…and another…