Player Handout: 1899 Code Phrase (June)

Fellow members;
You are being notified of the Society code phrases for 1899, one month at a time. Be diligent, but circumspect, in use.
The Challenge question needs to include the phrases “luggage shop” and “lighter suitcase”. The response will include the name of a relative “eldest niece”.

Some messages will include code phrases that will be used for that assignment only for verification and recognition. Please burn this letter after memorizing the new code phrases. You will receive the next month’s code phrases about 10 days before the start of the month.

The Council of the Society of the White Rose

So what does all this mean? The White Rose uses security procedures to protect its field agents. Heroes will see the use of various codes. Some will be code
phrases buried in messages. Their contact(s) will expect the heroes to use the code phrase during the initial meeting to verify who the heroes are. Instructions
may also be given for the heroes to carry a specific item as a means of identification for the contact to recognize the hero (or vice versa). In most adventures, sign and countersigns will be used. The sign (or Challenge) will consist of a sentence with a unique code phrase.

The sign and countersign changes annually, but this is the correct signcountersign for game year 1899 (real player year 2006). A handout like this will accompany any tournament that uses the sign & countersign. It will include the current sign and countersign being used. <In game> In 1899, the Society is
distributing the sign and countersign, month by month, rather than the entire year’s system at one time. This new method reduces the risk of exposing future
code phrases and reduces the damage of exposing code phrases of the current month. <out of game> A different handout will be included for each month.

In 1899, the Society of the White Rose will issue the code phrase one month at a time. The words or phrase which is underlined is the pertinent content for the
challenge & response. The participants have great latitude in how they put the challenge & response in context.

June 1899
Challenge: Would you direct me to a luggage shop? I am in need of a lighter suit case.
Response: My eldest niece showed me a splendid luggage shop in Paris, but I would not know around here.