Jigsaw 2: In the Name of the Maker

GM Aid 6: References

Nub Saar

Paraphrased from page 54 of the Living Force Campaign Guide.

Nub Saar was the first of Genarius’ cloud cities. Constructed quickly, at a low orbit and without adequate shielding to protect the inhabitants from the massive radiation storms it quickly became a ghost town. Although most of the approximately 5000 initial inhabitants fled before the storms grew too fierce several hundred men refused to leave and perished. Since that time few have journeyed to Nub Saar leaving the city as a monument to the dead and a reminder of
nature’s power.


The skrannix is a feline quadruped with a broad forehead and a stinger on the end of its tail. They are normally dark gray in color. They are about the size of a large domestic cat. Normally they are fairly passive but the scarcity of food has turned this group very feral and they will attack almost anything that looks edible.

Skrannix were created for this scenario and are not found in any reference book.


Paraphrased from page 127 of the Ultimate Alien Anthology.

Ranats are fairly vile beings with a reputation for eating the young of other species and the defective infants of their own. They are generally considered animals or, at best, semisentient with the capacity to learn to speak and understand Basic. Ranats are squat, rodent like beings with protruding lower incisors, whiplike tail and retractable claws. They are selfish, aggressive and treacherous with a very strong survival instinct. They like to hoard trinkets and technology. They are fairly uncommon, usually restricted to their home world of Rydar II.