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Last updated 05/24/2008.

Explanation of tables:

Module Name Level What's included File name
This is the name of the module, taken from the cover page. It sometimes does not quite match what shows up in convention event listings. 
Module names in green indicate that a printed copy exists. 
If applicable, the levels of PCs supplied or expected to be played.


For Classic modules, expect to see the module and the PCs. 
For Campaign modules, expect the module and sometimes the magic item certificates. 
There are sometimes additional handouts or errata, and modules run online will have online versions and sometimes handouts.
If I have softcopy, this is the file name.

Legends of the Shining Jewel

Module Name Level What's included File name
LSJ01: Merchants
   Sleeping with the Enemy 1
  Modules, certs, online version, and roster
Module - online version
LSJ Roster of Heroes.zip
LSJ01 - Merchants Rev 2-2-03.pdf
LSJ01 - Merchants Rev 2-2-03.doc
LSJ02: Bedroom Eyes 
   Tales from the Cage 1
  Module and certs
Module - online version
LSJ02 cer08.zip
LSJ02 - Bedroom Eyes 2.4.doc
Bedroom Eyes Handouts.doc
LSJ03: Help Wanted!   Module and certs LSJ03 - Help Wanted 1.ZIP
LSJ04: Under the Streets      
LSJ05: Author, Author!      
LSJ06: Temples
   Sleeping with the Enemy 2
LSJ07: Night Ransom
   Tales from the Cage 2
LSJ08: Nobles
   Sleeping with the Enemy 3
LSJ09: Down and Out in the Shining Jewel      
LSJ10: Lament      
LSJ11: Dead Racket      
LSJ12: Lions, Tigers & Bears      
LSJ13: Ghost Town      
LSJ14: Child of Beauty      

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