Int01 Harvest Festival


General Announcements

New announcements are posted in RED and will remain as new for 30 minutes.

All times Eastern.

.15:45: Welcome!

.16:30: Your host, Ikoma Bokkai, the daimyo of Eiyu Province, greets his guests and announces that the next location of the Shrine of Inari will be determined at today's festival. He introduces some special guests: Dogen, the monk and caretaker of the shrine, looking for riddles; Akodo Tsubasa, a returned spirit searching for tales and willing to discuss shogi; and Otomo Hanabira, an Imperal here to find attendants for the Empress' funeral.

.17:35: When you have a nomination for the Shrine location, please give it to GM-sama with the names of the PC from the province, and one other, out-of-province PC.

.18:20: Nominations closed. Ikoma Bokkai announces the nominations and encourages the samurai to garner support for their choices. He will decide from the top three.

.19:30: One hour until voting. Firm up those commitments, and consider your vote carefully!

When it's time to vote, you may enter your vote either in the main channel (#HoRInt) or contact GM-sama directly if you wish to vote privately.

21:30 Harvest Festival is over!

The Shrine will be located in Tsuriai Province (Unicorn lands).

Shrine bearers are: Utaku Cho, Utaku A'Nen, Kakita Shiro, and Asahina Kosho.

The funeral attendants are: Isawa Koukainashi, Kakita Shiro, and Kitsuki Ketsumei..




Nominations for the location of the Shrine of Inari

The top three are in blue, the winner in red.

.Sinjutsu Province (Kitsuki Ketsumei, Hitomi Sosune) - Dragon Clan lands

.Kawa Province (Shosuro Akemi, Hida Toshiro, Bayushi Aisosiniki, Hida Li) - Scorpion Clan lands

.Tsuriai Province (Utaku Cho, Isawa Reiko, Utaku A'Nen) - Unicorn Clan lands

.Inazuma Province (Yoritomo Midori, Shosuro Akemi, Hitomi Sosune) - Mantis Clan lands

.Namino Province (Isawa Reiko, Isawa Koukainashi, Utaku Cho) - Phoenix Clan lands













Nominations for funeral attendants





















Clan and Daimyo Orders

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Minor Clans


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Moshi and Tsuruch Daimyo Orders

Yoritomo Daimyo Orders

Isawa and Agasha Daimyo Orders

Shiba and Asako Daimyo Orders

Bayushi and Shosuro Daimyo Orders

Shoshi and Yogo Daimyo Orders

Shinjo, Iuchi, and Horiuchi Daimyo Orders

Moto, Utaku, and Ide Daimyo Orders




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